Rapid Solution LLC is proud to be your source for Automated Shades, offering Custom Interior Shades and Exterior Shades. Whether you are looking for Remote Control, Roller Shades, Motorized Shades, Blackout Shades, Solar Shades or Motorized Roman Shades, we are your source.

We provide Conference Room Shades, Commercial Window Shades or Motorized Draperies and large window shades for residential hi-rise living. We offer integration with your Home Theater or smart home systems.

Great for that "hard to reach" window that needs a shade you can open and close
Motorized shades provide privacy at the press of a button
Battery-powered motor requires no wiring or electrical outlet
Choose from a variety of colors and fabric densities
Available for windows up to 72" x 72"

You've automated your lighting, security, and entertainment systems, but if you're still getting up and crossing the room to close your shades, you haven't truly discovered the ease and pleasure of home automation. By installing motorized shades, you'll enjoy privacy with the press of a button, and adding shades to windows has numerous advantages, including energy savings, since your air conditioning won't need to work as hard if the sun isn't beating in directly.

Especially convenient for windows in hard-to-reach areas, such as skylights, high windows, and windows behind counter or bathtubs, motorized shades won't interfere with the integrity of your decor: The 12-volt tubular motor utilizes a multi-button remote control. This remote control allows the consumer to set electronic limit stops, remembers 3 preset positions and allows the consumer to set a "preferred" or "most favored" position.

Adding motor control to window coverings also helps your shades last longer because eliminating the manual pulling and tugging gets rid of the associated wear and tear. Using the included remote, you'll be able to open, close or partially close shades with the press of a button. Whether you're seeking relief from late-afternoon sun or want all exterior light eliminated for daytime darkness, Smarthome offers a wide array of colors and sizes as well as three options for the percentage of light allowed through, including total blackout for maximum privacy and light elimination.

How Does it Work?

The remote-control shades have your choice of either a built-in radio receiver or a built-in infrared receiver. Using the remote included with your purchase, you'll be able to command your shades to open, close, or stop at any spot in between. Select the infrared remote for standard control or upgrade to the radio-controlled remote: You won't need to point it directly at the shades to control them! Each remote can control the shades on up to four windows in any room.