Wiring Design

Today’s technologies are changing at a rapid pace and in order to prepare for the future it is important to install infrastructure in your home to accommodate these new, ever changing,  technologies. Contact us and let us design a wiring plan that will prepare your pre constructed or existing home for today and the future!

cn Computer Networks (Wired or Wireless)

Computer networks go far beyond sharing high speed  internet access.  A properly designed computer network can give you access to files, printers, scanners,  MP3’s, movies and more from any computer or networked device in your home. By utilizing a hybrid of wireless and wired solutions, HTE can design a network that will be secure, fast and reliable and save you money on software and hardware by sharing resources over your network.
Firewall and VPN Solutions

Firewalls and VPN’s (virtual private networks) allow you, from the comfort of your home, to securely work on your companies internal network without the risk of allowing sensitive information to get in the wrong hands. Our Cisco certified technician is highly trained and will work with your companies in-house IT department to make sure that your home network is up to their standard. You may never need to go to the office again.